Ever since I was little I've loved to bake. My mom always used to bake and I loved to help her, even though I was too small to actually provide her with actual help I felt like I was doing something. Baking reminds me of at home when the house was freshly cleaned on a sunday and my mom decided that she wanted to bake. It makes me feel very nostalgic. She would always just get in the mood to bake something just for the fun of it and I never understood what she meant until I was older and living on my own. Sometimes I just get in the mood to bake to either pass the time or i'm stressed and I need to take my mind off of the stressful situation and do something.

The weird thing about me though is that I don't even like to eat sweets. I don't have a sweet tooth at all unless I am really craving something specific. I literally just bake to bake, because I think it's fun. Luckily my roommate and her boyfriend love to eat everything I bake and sometimes if they don't eat it all i'll give it away to other friends or i'll take it to work and it'll all be gone in an instant.

My favorite thing to bake is cookies there is so many different kinds that you can make, and they are all so good! Plus cookies are really easy to give away to different people as well. In the fall I always am so inspired to bake for my friends and family so cookies and breads like banana bread and pumpkin bread are my go to. With the breads it's not like it's 100% a dessert either, they're subtly sweet enough you can eat them for breakfast if you wanted to. With fall finally here I'm excited to start baking for my friends and family again, it's such a simple way for me to put a smile on someone's face and there is nothing better than that. I'm excited to see what I can come up with this season to give away!