My name is Tristin Corliss. I am a senior here at Texas State University. I'm currently working toward a degree in Digital Media Innovation with a minor in Religious Studies. My email is I chose to minor in religion because it is truly fascinating for me to learn what others believe and what causes them to act in the specific ways they do.

When I graduate I hope to travel abroad to recieve my yoga instructor certification. If all goes as planned I would love to travel to Morocco to practice my findings. I currently have a cousin living there who owns her own yoga studio and also just created a tourism business with her new husband, and she is from Austin! It gives me hope that if she can do it, so can I even if only for a short time.

I've always felt this need to travel, ever since I was a child if I was in a place for too long I would crave change so bad. I think it stems from being a military brat, my father was in the Marines my whole life so we moved every couple of years. Now that I'm an adult I still crave that change every couple of years, and I can feel it coming soon.